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Introducing the Cinematic Horror Bundle - a must-have for sound design enthusiasts and horror movie makers alike. Get the best of both worlds with this all-inclusive bundle at a special discounted price. You'll have access to the full range of sound design options, including the Designed and Construction Kit editions. Elevate your horror film to new heights with this unbeatable bundle.

Key Features:

  • OVER 12GB OF FRIGHTFUL, HIGH-QUALITY SOURCE RECORDINGS - A glance at the content list of the CINEMATIC HORROR CONSTRUCTION KIT suggests a dreadful future: ambients, drones (organic and synthetic), human sounds, impacts (e.g. guitar distortion, creepy clangs, smacks and thunks), metal impacts, metal squeaks and scrapes, rises, instruments (e.g. piano, violin, wine glass), metal scrapes, metal squeak, vocals and vocal choirs (breaths, laughs, exhales, screams – male and female), wood creaks, groans and more – all ready to follow your wicked phantasies and effects.
  • NOT FOR THE FAINT- HEARTED - The CINEMATIC HORROR CONSTRUCTION KIT is not for the sensitive nature, but for those who dare to play the complex facets of primeval fear. If you want to create something unique – the next terrifying attack, an evil twist, a horrifying moment of pure despair – this library should be your toolkit.    
  • MAXIMUM TERROR COMING IN FAST - You’d like to have both an easy and high-quality go-to solution for creepy SFX? You have a tight schedule and need to meet a bloody deadline by tomorrow? Now this calls for our CINEMATIC HORROR DESIGNED collection: a handy packet full of pre-designed, ready-to-use SFX that crawl into your projects, ready to scare the audience with precision.
  • PAINFULLY VERSATILE - Each file contains 4 variations to ensure flexibility and alternation. There are booms, drones, hits, shockers, stingers, stutters, whooshes and further nightmares, including screams and screeches, distortion, whispers, echoes, metal squeaks and other haunting sounds. No need to fear short-term inquiries anymore – this library will fix your needs in an instant.

System Requirements:

  • WAV - 24bit - 96kHz / Windows + Mac