Boom Cinematic Metal 1 CK

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Introducing the Boom Cinematic Metal 1 Construction Kit - a collection of impactful sound effects that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience. With its massive and metallic sounds, this kit is perfect for creating edgy and hard-hitting audio experiences that are guaranteed to grab attention. Prepare to impress and dominate the silver screen with the brazen and mind-blowing effects of this kit.

Key Features:

  • BUILD YOUR OWN CINEMATIC IMPACTS! - The Construction Kit brings all the original recordings to your drive, giving you a huge selection of royalty free source material. Be creative and innovative in designing completely unique metal hits the world has not heard yet. Check out our tutorials section to learn more about the Construction Kit and how to use it.
  • SAVE TIME AND QUALITY WITH VARIATIONS - To provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible, all sounds on this disc are already pitched in 3 different variations. You might think: “but why are they pre-pitching sounds if I can do in my favorite audio editor as a batch on my own?” The answer to that is: “It is a quality issue and handling issue” – you get the pre-pitched versions in 96kHz from our original 192kHz files and you have an even faster access to exactly the kind of sound you are looking for. Check out the tutorials to see how quick you will work.
  • TWICE THE CONTENT - Important: All files on the construction kit are provided in mono. Why? If you really want to have cool and broad sound effects, you have to create them anyway. Best thing then is to build them out of the source material we are providing, offering enough variations on each sound to design with unique and dedicated mono sounds. We rather wanted to record more sounds and fill the library with variations than have stereo recordings filled with too much audio information you don’t really need.

System Requirements:

  • WAV - 24bit - 96kHz / Windows + Mac