Boom Seasons Of Earth Winter SURROUND

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Introducing Boom Seasons Of Earth Winter SURROUND - a remarkable audio collection that captures the unique and diverse soundscapes of our planet's winter season. Our team has meticulously recorded the most captivating and iconic ambiances using the state-of-the-art Schoeps ORTF3D Surround Set, ensuring the utmost accuracy and fidelity in reproducing the sonic character of Earth. Immerse yourself in these premium-quality sounds to bring a truly authentic and immersive experience to your projects, as you build them up from the ground in breathtaking 3D Surround sound.

Key Features:

  • NATURE’S PRISTINE AMBIENCE IN YOUR PROJECT - As snow covers the vast landscape and wildlife adapts to the harsh conditions, the character of the surroundings audibly changes. Calm breezes, chilling tonal wind, the faint sound of trickling snowflakes, freezing rivers recorded at various distances, biting winter storms and subtle animal activity. This and more awaits you in the stunning collection of ambient sounds compiled in this library.
  • SET THE STAGE FOR EMOTIONS - Whether you are looking to ease your audience into a blissful escapist nature documentary or raise the suspense in a bitterly cold finale, SEASONS OF EARTH – WINTER lends itself beautifully to any envisioned scene. While it supplements existing dialogue, music, narration or sound effects very well, it also sounds excellent on its own – for example when opening a scene before other audible cues set in.
  • STEREO VERSION INCLUDED - Additional to the full 3D Surround experience, the stereo version is included in your purchase of 3DS, with the same sound material and production-ready for more common formats.

System Requirements:

  • WAV - 24bit - 96kHz / Windows + Mac