Boom The Complete BOOM Basics

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Experience the ultimate BOOM Library with our all-in-one package designed to meet the highest demands. The BOOM BASICS collection provides you with the fundamental elements of our acclaimed sound library. Featuring a robust selection of sounds, carefully curated from 76 complete BOOM Library collections, this collection encompasses approximately 10% of the total content.

Key Features:

  • GIGANTIC ARSENAL OF HIGH-END SOUND EFFECTS - The BOOM Basics collection gives you the essentials of the BOOM Library experience – a strong selection (~10%) of sounds from each of our 76 renowned libraries.
  • YOUR TOOLKIT FOR PROFESSIONAL SOUND DESIGN TASKS - Whether your are designing for trailers, games, movies, TV shows, live performances or other applications – the BASICS collection provides outstanding sounds from well sought-after genres and categories; from organic to synthesized, from subtle to absolutely face-melting, from pure, close and isolated to colossal, vast and complex, featuring enough variations, configurations and flavors to give you a solid basis for your own signature sound design.

System Requirements:

  • WAV - 24bit - at least 48kHz / Windows + Mac