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Discover TOWN & COUNTRY: where the beauty of nature meets the essence of human touch. Immerse yourself in a rich collection of ambient recordings, seamlessly blending the tranquility of natural sounds with the liveliness of man-made noises. With many loopable files, this sound library is the ultimate choice for rural settings and outdoor environments, providing a naturalistic feel to your scenes.

Key Features:

  • REALISTIC AMBIENCES - TOWN & COUNTRY provides a wide range of professional sounds for creating perfectly convincing and realistic town and country ambiences in high-end quality. In addition to a broad and solid foundation of town and country lifestyle, we focused on credible ambiences that are full of detail and at the same time leave enough room to place further sound design in the foreground.
  • MAJOR STRENGTH: FLEXIBILITY! - The main part of this library consists of extensive – mostly loopable – background ambiences with varying daytimes and locations of TOWN & COUNTRY sceneries. More detailed and easily accessible sounds of e.g. camp fire, farm animals or an extraordinarily impressive file with flies on a roadkill are another strong addition to your SFX pool. More than 200 files of vivid town and country days and nights give you all the flexibility you need to bridge the gap between a very rural country life with animals and man-made town sounds. TOWN & COUNTRY has all necessary components to design organic and grounded acoustic backdrops while keeping a naturalistic feel and human touch.

System Requirements:

  • WAV - 24bit - 96kHz / Windows + Mac