Boom Urban Europe STEREO

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Introducing the URBAN EUROPE STEREO- 3D SURROUND AMBIENCES, a collection of captivating sounds recorded from cities and towns across 10 European countries. Immerse yourself in the distinct character of each location with a diverse range of soundscapes.

Our recordings are designed to provide a clear and detailed acoustic image of each environment, allowing you to add the perfect background noise layer to your post-production projects. These ambient sounds feature minimal foreground action, offering an uninterrupted audio experience that is ideal for breaking the silence in your project.

Experience the rich and varied sound palettes of Europe's different cities and towns with URBAN EUROPE STEREO- 3D SURROUND AMBIENCES.

Key Features:

  • SAME QUALITY, SAME CONTENT - You don’t want to miss the excellent URBAN EUROPE source recordings, but don’t necessarily require the surround version? We offer the same recordings in the same quality in our stereo version at a lower price.

System Requirements:

  • WAV - 24bit - 96kHz / Windows + Mac