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Introducing the inaugural product of our cutting-edge sound effect collection, 3D SURROUND - URBAN USA Surround. This groundbreaking library sets a new standard in precision, spatial impression, and clarity, ushering in a new era of surround sound FX. The 3D Surround technology surpasses conventional surround techniques, especially in VR applications where audio must convincingly match the user's head rotation and tilt. With our innovative 3D SURROUND series, you'll have the ideal audio solution for any high-definition and crystal-clear surround sound needs, including VR and other applications.

Key Features:

  • THE WHOLE RANGE OF URBAN SOUND DIVERSITY - URBAN USA covers an immense spectrum of different settings of urban city life. From bustling downtown areas such as subway stations, financial districts, as well as marinas and construction sites, or quieter areas including beaches, parks, and suburbs, URBAN USA offers an authentic and detailed picture of American everyday city-life. As usual, delivered in the best possible quality to exceed the requirements of any professional sound design challenge.
  • DETAILED SOUND SCENES AS WELL AS QUIET BASIC LAYERS - URBAN USA contains a wealth of rich and expressive sound scenes to create spot-on sound design. In addition, you get a variety of different quiet base layers, perfect for creating the sonic foundation of an urban scene.
  • INCLUDING STEREO VERSION - In addition to the ORTF-3D files, the 3D SURROUND edition also contains all files in 2.0 stereo for your convenience to save time on unnecessary conversions. Instead, you can instantly use these great new sounds for all your projects that don’t require surround sound.

System Requirements:

  • WAV - 24bit - 96kHz / Windows + Mac