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Introducing 808 Studio 2 - the ultimate solution for creating cutting-edge, high-quality 808 sub bass sounds that are ideal for hip hop and trap genres, as well as any other genre requiring a hard-hitting bass synth. With its advanced features, such as drag and drop modulation for advanced synthesis, and an advanced sequencer that allows overlapping notes to achieve the classic pitch glide effect used in trap music, 808 Studio 2 takes your music production to the next level.

Additionally, 808 Studio 2 now supports sample loading, allowing you to easily drag and drop samples onto the sampler or choose from a wide range of Kick and 808 samples that are included. You can also take advantage of the built-in high-quality and advanced effects, including the 3 band equalizer and Analog modeled Filter, as well as an epic-sounding Chorus that can be applied exclusively to the high end, leaving the sub part clean.

With 80 presets to kickstart your creativity, 808 Studio 2 inspires your music creation process by allowing you to modify any sound to your liking with minimal effort. Whether you're looking for clean sub bass or down-and-dirty basses, 808 Studio 2 is the ultimate solution for all your bass synth needs.

Key Features:

  • 808 Bass Synth: Make 808 style bass and sub bass.
  • Sampler: Drag and drop your own samples onto the sampler or select from the included samples.
  • Sub Osc: Perfect for adding extra low end sub bass. Includes fat mode and overdrive.
  • Oscillators: Two extra oscillators with their own dedicated lowpass filter.
  • Sequencer: 808 studio has its own built in sequencer and comes with many sequences to get you started.
  • Drag and drop modulation: Delve deeper into sound design by assigning Mod Envelopes or LFOs to almost any control.
  • Effect Rack: 5 effects are available. The effects can be moved up or down in the rack. The Effects are Overdrive/Distortion, Compressor, 3 band equalizer, Chorus, and Filter containing both highpass and lowpass.
  • Side chain: The side chain uses the Sample as its source and ‘ducks’ the volume of the rest of the oscillators and sub. This is useful if you have a Kick sample and you want the transient part to cut through so it hits harder.
  • Preset Browser: Choose different banks, create your own banks and presets to share with others.
  • Fully resizable HD interface: Drag the bottom right corner to make 808 bass synth the perfect size for your screen.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: AAX, VST3, VST2 Plugin
  • Mac: AAX, Audio Unit, VST3, VST2 (Apple Silicon M1 / MacOS Monterey compatible)
  • Digital Download after purchase.