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Introducing Kilohearts Multipass, the ultimate solution for applying effects to specific parts of your audio. With traditional effects processing, it's common to want to avoid over-processing certain frequencies, such as avoiding complex chorus on bass or hard distortion on high frequencies. However, with Multipass, you can effortlessly split your audio input into up to 5 customizable frequency bands, and apply an unlimited number of effects to each band. This revolutionary multiband processing opens up endless possibilities for sound design, allowing you to easily create pitch-shifted auto pan with filtered chorus delay distortion and much more. Try Kilohearts Multipass today and experience the freedom of precise, customizable audio processing.

Key Features:

  • Build your own Modular Multiband Effects - The open modular architecture of the Kilohearts Ecosystem gives you the freedom to design any effect you can imagine. Need a customizable multiband compressor/expander...? Build it in Multipass. Want to experiment with an effect that adds pulsing, rhythmical fluctuations and reverb to the high end whilst distorting and adding width to the mids and compressing the lows, then dynamically filtering the combined output based on the amplitude of the incoming signal...? You can build that in Multipass too.
  • Essential Effects Included - Multipass comes with Kilohearts Essentials, a large range of useful effects plugins. These are all available as Snapins to be combined and modulated as you desire in any of up to five frequency ranges. Premium Effects are available to buy separately to further bolster your sound design capabilities. Once a preset is saved it will be fully functional for anyone you share it with, regardless of which Snapins they own.
  • Mind-Blowing Modulation - A unique modular modulation section allows you to connect modulators and utilities in an infinite number of combinations for ultimate control, or ultimate chaos. Whether it’s ultra-precise envelopes and LFOs you need or wild randomisation for unpredictable chaotic mangling... you can build it with the Kilohearts Ecosystem.
  • Created by Experienced Developers - At every point in the signal chain, all our software is optimised for the highest quality processing with the lowest possible CPU load. For professional music production and sound design, you won’t ever have to worry about shortcomings in sound quality again.
  • Fantastic Factory Content - All our plugins come loaded with a broad range of factory presets from some of the most highly-regarded sound designers in the game. Whether you’re in need of a solid starting point to customise and make your own, or just love to reverse-engineer incredibly patches to learn exactly how they work, you will find just what you need in the presets folder.
  • Lifetime Free Updates - Once you buy a license for any Kilohearts plugins you will get all future updates for free. We won’t charge you a penny for new versions. And we will continue to improve all our software with new features and OS compatibility (yes, it’s all M1 Native already!), which means that investing in Kilohearts software is a very sensible move for the serious sound designer.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: PC or Mac (M1 Native supported)
  • CPU: 2 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • Software: Any DAW supporting VST 2, VST 3, AAX, or Audio Unit plugin standards. All plugin formats in 64-bit only.