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KR-Fatter STR is a powerful hybrid plug-in processor that utilizes two proprietary time and frequency domain DSP platforms in a single unit. One of the platforms used is Spectral Transformation Resynthesis (STR), which operates exclusively in the frequency domain, using specially developed spectral transforms for synthesis and audio effect design. Additionally, KR-Fatter STR employs specially designed time domain processing elements like fractal-based variance controls. By combining these two platforms, more powerful effects can be achieved by utilizing a single unit.

KR-Fatter STR is ideal for enhancing the spectral content of audio signals containing vocals, instruments, or synthesized sound recordings. The plug-in offers different combinations of modules to create various effects like Fattening, Spectral Coloring, Imaging, Harmonizing, Pitch Shifting, Delay, Modulation, and other Special effects. The processor's design emphasizes the use of Naturally perceived randomization of available functions to produce a spectrally evolving output. The Fractal algorithms implemented in KR-Fatter STR can transform static and dull audio signals into vibrant, rich, and natural-sounding recordings.

The available modules and functions can be used in both serial and parallel fashion to achieve different results. KR-Fatter STR can produce up to four additional stereo copies (a total of 10 mono channels including the dry signal) of the input signal. These copies can be individually processed by applying modular effects and mixed together in a final master stereo output bus.

Key Features:

  • Generic pitch-shifter
  • generate pitch related variations of the original audio signal
  • Animated pitch variation
  • produce animated pitch variations
  • STR color (STR transform filter)
  • design thousands of different spectral color variations of the original input audio spectrum
  • Low frequency oscillator (lfo) modulation
  • give vibrato effect
  • Phase
  • add naturally perceived phase related variations
  • Amplifier
  • add naturally perceived amplitude related variations
  • Shelving equalizer (EQ)
  • use to spectrally balance individual channels and/or the whole mix
  • Delay
  • use to create delayed copies of the input
  • Panning
  • use to create imaging effects or expansion

System Requirements:

Windows PC
Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz
AMD Athlon 64 or higher
Operating System
Windows 7 32/64bit | Windows 8 32/64bit

Mac OS
Core Duo 2.3Ghz or higher
All Intel based Macintosh
Operating System
10.7.5 - 10.9.x