Melda MVocoder

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MVocoder is the perfect vocoder for creating robotic voices, singing synthesizers, and morphing between multiple audio materials. With its ultimate audio quality and extensive range of features, it provides endless possibilities for creative sound design.

Key Features:

  • 100+ vocoder presets ready to use
  • Unique spectral engine with adjustable frequency range, sharpness, and depth
  • Carrier and modulator inputs can be fed with external audio sources or internal synthesizers
  • 4 modulators with adjustable shape, delay, and stereo width
  • Built-in pitch shifter, limiter, and stereo expander
  • MIDI and sidechain input for modulator and carrier signals
  • Advanced visualizers for spectral analysis and modulator/carrier waveforms
  • A/B comparison and undo/redo functionality
  • Automatic gain compensation to prevent volume changes
  • Multiband, mid/side, and surround processing support


System Requirements:

Windows PC
Windows 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel/AMD processor with SSE2 support
VST/VST3/AAX compatible host

macOS 10.9 or later (64-bit only)
Intel processor
VST/VST3/AU/AAX compatible host