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Experience the charm of vintage music production without needing to step back in time with the Retro Pack. This package includes a collection of meticulously modeled instruments and effects that enable you to achieve an authentic vintage sound "in-the-box".

The Retro Pack contains the following fully licensed products, all available at a discounted total price:

  • Elka Panther, an accurate emulation of the classic Italian combo organ of the 1960s, the Elka Panther 300 (also known as the Capri)
  • Kee Bass, a virtual instrument that captures the essence of the Rheem Kee Bass from the '60s, enhanced with modern features
  • Lem Echo Music, a plugin that reproduces the nostalgic tones of the vintage Italian tape delay effect from Lem
  • Scanner Vibrato, a plug-in that recreates the scanner-vibrato effect from a renowned tonewheel organ.

Invest in the Retro Pack and unlock the tools to recreate that vintage mojo in your music production without the need for a time machine.

Key Features:

Elka Panther

  • 13 treble stops in 4 ranks (16', 8', 4', Mixture), plus 2 bass stops
  • Treble voice stops: Bourdon 16', Contra Oboe 16', Strings 16', Open Diapason 16', Flute 8', Strings 8', Clarinet 8', Oboe 8', Flute 4', Strings 4', Salicet 4', Mixture I, Mixture II
  • Bass voice stops: Bass Bourdon 16', Bass Dulciana 16'
  • Adjustable 16', 8', 4', Mixture, and bass mix
  • In the harmony control section, the level of the 16', 8', 4' and Mixture voices can be infinitely varied via the knobs
  • Mixture I "Harsh" and Mixture II "Mellow" are a combination of 3 pitches: 2-2/3', 2' and 1-3/5'
  • Bass pedal board
  • Onboard vibrato: on/off, lite/heavy, slow/fast
  • Tone decay: on/off, adds an attack percussive effect to Mixture tabs
  • Optical swell (volume) pedal
  • Rare LEM Echo Music tape delay effect including a 2-channel mixer, tone controls and pan
  • Fully polyphonic

Kee Bass

  • Bass Fuzz sound - built in
  • Percussion - Fast decay
  • Percussion - Slow decay
  • Sustain
  • Bright-Mellow option on all sounds
  • 2 Full Octave Keyboard
  • Modeled Solid State Electronic Circuitry
  • 7.5 MB Portable Lightweight Beauty
  • Plays Booming String Bass Notes when loaded into any VST/AU/CLAP host

Lem Echo Music

  • Same tape delay as in Elka Panther plug-in
  • 3 playheads at 80 ms, 210 ms, and 330 ms
  • 7 delay tap combinations
  • Total tape loop length 9.5 s
  • Authentic wow and flutter
  • Wet mix and feedback controls
  • 2-channel mixer with bass/treble tone controls
  • Vintage VU meter

Scanner Vibrato

  • Chorus/vibrato effect unit from well-known tonewheel organ
  • Improved ACE® technique model
  • Original C-1/C-2/C-3/V-1/V-2/V-3 depth/mix settings
  • Adjustable rate, depth, and mix
  • Optional stereo width with separate left/right rates
  • 16 presets, from classic chorus/vibrato to rotary-like effects
  • Tempo sync
  • Output volume control

System Requirements:

  • Available as a VST 2.4, AU (Audio Units), or CLAP (CLever Audio Plugin) effect plugin, which means it needs to run inside VST, AU, or CLAP hosting software
  • A rate of at least 44.1 kHz is recommended.
  • Designed to run on Windows 7 or newer, or Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer.


  • 32/64-bit VST/CLAP


  • Mac OS X or macOS download the Mac 64-bit VST/AU/CLAP