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Bazille is the second iteration of the Berlin Modular project, featuring an expansive polyphonic modular system complete with digital oscillators (PD, FM-based), a wide range of modulation options, and versatile multimode filters. The vast array of connectivity options ensures that patching with Bazille will provide a never-ending source of fascination for all "geek machines" out there.

Key Features:

  • modular, stereo, up to 16-voice polyphonic
  • 4 digital oscillators based on phase distortion (PD) with FM and fractal resonance (FR)
  • 4 self-oscillating multimode filters with up to 6 parallel outputs each
  • 4 ADSR envelopes with Fall/Rise for the sustain stage, overall rate can be modulated
  • 2 LFOs with 3 parallel outputs each, unipolar option
  • 16-step morphing sequence per voice, with 8 snapshots and 4 output taps
  • 2 mapping generators with up to 128 steps, comprehensive drawing tools, presets…
  • maps can be used as oscillator waveforms
  • 4 Multiplex modules for mixing signals, cross-fading, ring modulation, amplitude modulation etc.
  • 4 effects: stereo delay, distortion (6 types), phaser (2 types), spring reverb
  • 2x inverter, 2x rectifier, sample & hold, 2x twin lag generators, quantizer
  • over 1700 factory presets

System Requirements:

Windows PC
Windows 7 or newer
1GHz CPU with SSE2
64-bit VST2, VST3 or AAX host

OS X 10.9 or newer
1GHz CPU with SSE2
64-bit VST2, VST3, AU or AAX host