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Presswerk is not just a mere emulation of one hardware compressor. It is a toolkit inspired by various sources, incorporating the warmth of classic analogue units while also offering digital-only features. This combination results in a compressor with a wide array of features and a highly musical personality.
Presswerk's versatility allows it to fit seamlessly into any workflow, regardless of the task. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your audio quality.

Key Features:

  • 6 special views for better workflow: Easy, Vocal, Drum, Bus, M/S and Limiter
  • Capable of internal sidechaining, with bipolar delay, low cut and high cut filters (6 or 12dB per octave)
  • Internal parallel (New York) compression
  • M/S mode
  • Skinnable UI
  • Over 120 factory presets for common compression tasks

System Requirements:

Windows PC
Windows 7 or newer
1GB RAM, more recommended
50 MB free disk space

macOS 10.9 or newer (64-bit only)
Intel CPU with 2 cores or more
Apple Silicon M1 Macs running native code in Rosetta 2
1GB RAM, more recommended
50 MB free disk space